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"2024 Bride To Be: How to Achieve Magazine-Worthy Bridal Shots in 7 Key Steps"

In 2024, brides are embracing marriage amidst a digitally progressive era. A noticeable trend amongst brides worldwide is their desire for more than traditional wedding day shots; they seek creative and fine art photographers to express their unique style. Many wonder, if their photos will be "Instagram or Magazine worthy," reflecting the global pressure to share exceptional wedding day images. Don't fret, brides of 2024; you're not alone in feeling this pressure. Modern-day brides dedicate more time to envision and prepare for their wedding photography than ever before, aiming for a more personalized and unique approach that captures their love story authentically. It's time to co-create with your chosen photographer to move beyond stiff traditional poses and create images that reflect your love. With the rise of digital sharing, you can feel good about uploading your wedding day photographs on multiple platforms.

Selecting the perfect photography team is crucial to reducing your anxiety about capturing these once-in-a-lifetime pictures. It's important to feel a connection with your photographer and love their style, you must feel comfortable before signing a contract. This is the person who will help you to 'act natural' when posing you, the photographer will also be shadowing you throughout the entire day, so here are our tips on making sure your shoot is flawless.

1. Start with a Vision Board: Before your big day arrives, gather inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, and wedding magazines to create a digital vision board of your dream wedding photographs. Share this board with your wedding day photographer to ensure you're both on the same page when it comes to the essence, aesthetic, and style you would love them to achieve.

2. Communicate Your Preferences: Your photographer is there for the most important day of your life, so don't hesitate to communicate your preferences and ideas. Whether it's specific poses, candid moments, or particular details you want to highlight, open communication is key to capturing photographs that truly reflect your personality and style as a couple. It’s good to mention if you have a ‘best side’ or if you don’t like to be photographed from a particular angle. This is not a time to be shy about what you want!

3. Instagram-Worthy Moments: For those Instagram-worthy moments on your special day, team up closely with your photographer to explore unique opportunities. Share your favorite spots at the venue, whether it's for heartfelt newlywed poses, a romantic first look, epic first dances, or stylish cake-cutting shots. Authenticity is paramount. Embrace spontaneity and let your love radiate in every shot. With your photographer's creativity and your affection, your wedding day photos will truly shine. Here's an insider tip: Consider sneaking away from the ceremony with your new spouse during the reception for some stunning flash-heavy, newly-wed nighttime shots.

4. Embrace Natural Light: Natural light is every photographer's best friend, especially when it comes to creating stunning bridal portraitures. Try to time your newlywed bridal shots straight after the ceremony, maximizing the stunning wrap-around light at golden hour, if you can be outside just before sunset, your photographer can achieve that soft, romantic glow that wedding magazines love to publish.

5. Incorporate Personal Touches: Infuse your personality and love story into your wedding photographs by incorporating personal touches and meaningful details. Whether it's your handwritten vows, your grandmother’s heirloom jewelry, or a beloved pet in a bowtie, adding personal elements will add depth and authenticity to your love story. This might require some reflection and discussion to think about how you can bring your creativity to the day, it’s your photographer’s job to capture these thoughtful details to add to the album.

6. Trust Your Photographer's Expertise: Once you've established a connection with your chosen wedding photographer, it's essential to relinquish control and have faith in their professionalism. Trust that your photographer possesses the skills to capture the beauty and emotion of your special day. By trusting their expertise and creative vision, you grant them the freedom to innovate and shoot spontaneous moments. The preparation phase, where you've discussed your preferences, ensures that they can incorporate your feedback into their work, ultimately enhancing their ability to satisfy you as their client.

7. Have Fun and Be Yourselves: Most importantly, cherish your enjoyment and authenticity with your new spouse while following your photographer's direction. The most captivating wedding photographs naturally unfold when you're both relaxed, natural, and fully present, allowing your photographer to seamlessly document your love, only offering some light direction. So, laugh freely, dance like everyone is cheering, and savor every cherished moment of your extraordinary day together. With these principles in mind, you and your photographer will collaborate to curate a wedding day album that beautifully encapsulates one of the most incredible days of your life. Your pictures will be so beautiful that you will be thrilled to share them and because of your authentic and creative choices, you will become pinned on the next bride's inspiration board and even get tagged or posted in a Wedding Magazine.

So Brides of 2024 just go for it! Have the best day of your life and remember to smile with abandon.






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